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Personally I think the only use is with changing surplus resources into something more useful.. I've read through a lot of this thread, and have some questions about the way the combat system works for Ikariam.


Hopefully you guys can help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated! Why is this? Does Defensive Power make any difference when attacking? Do you slowly lose stamina every round until it gets to a certain threshold where your unit dies?

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Finally a way to change a few hundred k in crystals to something I can use. Join the club. Gameforge is being retarded as usual and trying to keep it a secret for some reason I cannot fathom a single legitimate reason that doesn't involve pure stupidity for them to do this.

That depends on a few things. Mostly it depends on how you believe the combat mechanics work. If you believe it works closer to Ogame's combat mechanics, then it's important because then damage is spread over a larger area, if a unit dies, the damage block applied stops at them, and finally having a huge number of fodder units to bury a small-ish number of powerful units dramatically increases the survival rate of the powerful units. In practice, neither is correct, as there are signs that point to both being a little right and a little wrong. The main problem is that you will never really be able to get a large enough army where the fodder question comes through, such that the most you'll likely be able to field is maybe a couple thousand of your top tier units.

Which also means that defenders will be limited in what they can field defensively, so you end up getting smaller engagements, which don't bear out useful datapoints, making it harder to glean the exact mechanics of combat. At an early stage, or when the world is young a couple of weeks at most , using a large force of small affordable units is a great strategy over saving up for a smaller force of decent units. Yes they do. Nobody knows for sure.

It's basically hitpoints, but without knowing the details around how they lose it, at what rate, if damage is spread evenly across all units or applied on random units, etc. Obviously the simple more is better theory is always in play, but without knowing how it comes into play, it may as well be as simple as if they get hit they die. That's a kind of complex question. Again, without knowing the mechanics of how damage is applied, nor exactly how and when a unit dies, you're going with a guess here.

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Trying to identify a good ratio is complete guesswork, and again, without knowing the mechanics, I'd even go so far as to say irrelevant. Out of the hundreds possibly thousands of CRs I've generated on 2 servers, I can't say I've noticed any real difference using either cooks or doctors.

The units in question are too small to make an assessment, and the results don't appear to give any indication one way or another. I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure it's before upgrades. I know there was some talk on this a page or two ago, but I was wondering if you guys had any more thoughts on the subject now. There are a limited number of spots in your towns, and if we assume you have 5 necessities town hall, GR, barracks, tavern, warehouse , that leaves 7 spots. A hideout isn't something I think it would be wise to go without, and I'm only on Utopia for Research so I think Academies are also important for me at this stage.

That's leaves 5 spots. Some of my towns had decently built up museums before the patch range , and then obviously my capital has an embassy and my glass town has a workshop, so that limits the amount of spots. Also, it seems like if you made the building that decreases sulfur cost in a town where you make the majority of your troops, that could be pretty nice as well. So for example, in my Capital, I only have 3 spots available for the new buildings could have 4 if I destroyed my level 8 museum.

Which 3 are the most beneficial? Do you think there's a general order of importance or does it vary depending on circumstances mill size, town size, etc.


That being said, I got wineries in both my Wine towns. I didn't go for the sulphur discount buildings, as I spread my army and fleet production evenly between all towns, at least during major buildups. For instance I lost over Paddle Wheel Rams on a single attack the other day, so it was nice being able to rebuild them in 6 different towns at the same time. Really saved me some time. At the end of the day, what you decide to build really just depends on your playing style. If you mostly build all your units in a single town, then a sulphur discount building might be in order.

Well at this point, I do get a pretty decent amount of resources from pillaging.

But the problem is I can't check Ikariam while I'm at work, so I usually am only able to send two, maybe three if I'm lucky, pillages out a day with 70 ships, figure 35k resources a pillage. I'm still pillaging people that have little to no military score but have a bunch of resources saved up. My military is still pretty small just broke 2k general score yesterday? I figure I'm pretty far behind you guys as I just planted my 6th town within the past week should have the GR maxed by Wednesday.

Since sulphur is still trading in the 20G range I saw little need to build anything to reduce it's consumption. I've completed all future L1 research and upgrades for all useful units so no need to reduce glass consumption. That being said.. I'll probably use my 7th as a mobile. Had been planning on creating a sulphur colony, but I'm pillaging more than enough so far, so a mobile seems like a better choice right now.

I'm sort of running out of targets anywhere within a reasonable distance away from my current colonies. There's a ridiculous amount of people that decide to go into vacation mode after losing only k resources from one of their towns. I never try to drive anyone from the game, I maybe hit them a few times, but then leave them alone for a couple of weeks before I hit them again. That tactic isn't worth much if they all just go into vacation mode after their first major losses though.

A Mobile is basically a spare town. You build up your GR's to a level which for example allows you 6 towns. You only build 5 towns. Why would anyone do this? In the event of War often your targets are a good 6 hour trip away if you are lucky, 12 if you are called Frozenpizza me.

To attack them you need to send a fleet to break through their port defences and to blockade whilst you transport ground troops to the fight. This can take hours, and gives your target ample opportunity to reinforce, evacuate or get help from an ally.

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You'll likely be in bed by the time your troops get there and you will likley get your butt kicked or find out he's cleared everything out and you just wasted 12 hours of your life and 50K in upkeep to pick up one boatload of building material. Hence a Mobile. Plop down a new colony on the same island as your target. Build a barracks, shipyard, wall.

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Deploy a metric asston of troops. Time to target reduced from hours to under 20 minutes, bypassing any fleets he has. Demolish the town after the war ends. I've just started the game a couple of weeks ago, on the Zeta server. Now just building my third town. I've got an embassy set up -- so how do I join one of these secret Ars alliances? Should I wait until I have more towns before joining an alliance? I'm morituri in the game and my capital Ars Prime is at The Arsian alliance on Kappa has merged with one of the largest alliances.

To join an alliance you need an embassy. Click on the alliance tag and send a polite request to the diplomat.

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I don't know if anyone is on Zeta though. If your aim is to be able to pillage him though, wouldn't a town without a warehouse be rather useless? Or would the mobile simply be there to knockout the troops, and then you send tradeships to pillage from one of your stationary towns? If you're there for his resources, then yeah, you want to build up your warehouse as well. After my mortars managed to breach some guy's walls at 16 different places I promptly received a message from him, telling me I had been reported for cheating. Supposedly my Steam Giants' attack power was much higher than it should have been. Suits me fine. Are they just as effective for breaching walls as Mortars? Also, do you guys have a rule of thumb for how many siege units to send at a town, whether based on town wall level or defensive value of troops? I'm on Zeta.