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Agreed, very boring.

But I always appreciate the heads-up and tend to look at it daily during these events -- every once in a while there is a deal on something worthwhile. Think of it as looking for nuggets of gold in a bucketful of muck!

What to expect from Amazon Prime Day 2020?

During the recent Dell Days of Deals business sales, the convention bought a Vostro laptop. I needed a laptop with a p screen, that was the requirement, and it's surprising how hard it is to find a p laptop that cheap unless it's a sale. Doctor9 join You should sue them for ripping you off. How dare they drop the price on you.

Nitra join Montreal. Looks like they're selling the new Mac Pro. Dell is on serious crack. I got an email about their new alienware laptops and decided to see what an "ideal" configuration will cost. Want to jump from a 4. That's a bucks please.

Weekend Sale

Give me a break. Heh, it's like Apple. It's ok, charge the suckers premiums Any serious pc gamer worth his salt will build his own machine, or have one built Not alienware stuff It was still the ea in actuality, loaded it with ea firmware, registered it as an ea Works great. I would probably just pop it out of the case to use it though. Also, he's bullshitting.

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When I bought my last laptop from Dell, they kept coming up with better deals or nicer configurations and I canceled my order not once but twice with no issues at all. The third time was the charm but I'm sure I could have canceled another dozen times. Your Comcast. What does a cable headend look like? Windows 7 forever or a couple more years [ Microsoft ] by Glen T My ONT was installed outside 10 yrs ago, new installs now inside.

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Why do the best deals come with a phone? The megapixel ones they have on sale often are pretty good. Right now at work we have 10 of them. Good picture quality.

Microsoft Store: 12 Days of Deals

Its become like Badboy or Bricks merged with BB. Or XScargo and BB I see so many deals about bedroom furniture and luggage on their web site.

About Dell: I am in market for one more laptop like 15 or 17 inch. May be I will wait for School opening days of Deals. Wolfie00 to elwoodblues Premium Member Jun pm to elwoodblues Agreed, very boring.

Microsoft Store ’12 Days of Deals’ promotion in the US allegedly leaks

Doctor9 to elwoodblues Member Jun am to elwoodblues I just bought a Dell XPS on their website several days ago too and now this happens. Anav Premium Member Jun am I was referring to monitors with only vga outputs. TLS to Doctor9 Premium Member Jun pm to Doctor9 said by Doctor9 : They refused to cancel my order but I won't let them do it this time, I'm going to do a chargeback if they refuse to cancel the order.

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Are you satisfied with any company you deal with? That's an honest question and not a troll attempt. If you encountered the same problem, or simply couldn't make it to the local Microsoft Store and believe you've just missed out, fear not as there are plenty more products to go on sale. A full list of deals has been published over on Slick Deals. Here's the full list with respective dates and prices prices for first 20 customers shown in brackets :. It's worth noting that the above should be used as a guide - we've not been able to confirm its accuracy.

We've also received some shots of queues at Microsoft Stores for these deals, so if you are thinking of heading down in the morning, be sure to speed your way to the front of the store. Head on over to the Microsoft Online Store or pop along to your local on the day to take advantage of these sweet deals.

Which products will you be looking forward to snatching up? Let us know how you go.