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For one, they allow you to spread the cost of your phone, so there's no need to find a lump sum of hundreds of pounds.

The 12 best SIM only deals for October

On certain pay monthly contracts, you'll also benefit from early-upgrade schemes, such as O2 Refresh or Sky Swap. These allow you to swap or trade-in your existing phone for the latest model mid-way through your contract. So you won't be stuck with last-year's phone when it's superseded by a new version. When you do the maths, it's pretty much always cheaper to buy a phone SIM-free and then sign up for a keenly priced SIM-only deal than it is to buy the same phone bundled with a contract. And it's not just a bit cheaper either.

Finally, buying a phone on a contract also means you're tying yourself in for up to two years. If you find that your pay monthly tariff doesn't suit you, you should be able to switch to a more appropriate pay monthly contract without much bother.

But you'll still have to stay with your provider until your pay monthly contract has expired. Conversely, if you've bought a phone with a one-month SIM-only deal, you'd be free to switch to a new, better deal with just 30 days' notice. Want a new phone, but don't want to break the bank? Here's our pick of the best value for money smartphone contracts.

Some rural areas don't have the best mobile phone coverage , so check how your chosen provider fares before signing up for a pay monthly contract that could tie you in for as much as two years. The most important thing to consider when picking a pay monthly tariff is how you use your phone. If you make a lot of calls, of course you'll want a tariff with a generous calls allowance.

Our best contract phone deals

By the same token, if you text a lot, you'll want a hefty allowance of texts. The good news is these days even cheap contracts give generous calls and texts allowances. And many actually offer unlimited calls and texts. But arguably the most important thing to consider is how much you think you'll use your phone for online apps, such as streaming video and music, social media, email and browsing websites.

Networks are much less generous with data allowances and unlimited data contracts are harder to come by. If you want a large data allowance, you'll have to pay quite a bit to get one. One of the main benefits of choosing a contract phone is that you don't have to pay hundreds for a phone up front.

Mobile phone contract deals

Instead, you pay the amount monthly over time, and you get a great deal on it too. You'll need to have a relatively good credit score, or else you won't be accepted for a contract phone. You'll also need proof of identification in the form of a driver's licence or passport, as well as a recent bank statement or utility bill. So you can get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy A70, Huawei P30 lite or even the iPhone Xs and pay for them in affordable monthly instalments.

Comparison includes all major networks direct pricing, and networks sold through third party retailers. Home Phones Pay Monthly. Contract mobile phone deals A popular way to buy a phone, browse our range of contract phones at iD Mobile. Discover features of all our plans 24 month contracts All our handsets are on great value 24 month contracts. Unlimited texts Text as much as you like! Data Rollover Roll your unused data over to the next month. Bill Capping Cap your monthly spend to an amount that works for you. Once you purchase a SIM deal from a network and it is activated, this means this SIM card is permanently locked to that network , though not to your phone. You can easily swap handsets but keep the same SIM card - containing all your personal information, such as contact numbers, photos and messages. Network offers - You may find the best plan that fits your needs is only available through a particular network on a longer contract.

So you may need to compromise slightly on your call, text and data allowances. Initial outlay - While your SIM-only deal costs will be relatively low, if you do need a new handset, you'll need to fork out the full cost upfront. With most handsets, we're talking hundreds of pounds, though you can get some cheaper options. Network exclusives - Some networks will reserve exclusive deals for specific phones.

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You may discover a phone you have your eye on is only available via a long mobile contract. It depends what your priorities are when choosing a SIM deal. If you want greater flexibility, then there are some good day SIM deals available which mean you're not tied to a long contract. If cost is your biggest concern, you may find a month SIM-only deal is worth going for, as this reduces your monthly expense.

Ultimately, it's all about balancing your call, text and data needs with what you're happy to pay for that plan - either per month and across the overall length of the contract. You can keep your mobile number, even if you switch networks.

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  7. It's actually a pretty straightforward process - here's how you do it:. Lesser-known networks, such as giffgaff or Smarty , can offer cheaper SIM-only plans because they don't operate expensive high street shops and customer service. So while you may feel more reassured by opting for a bigger and better-known network, such as EE or Vodafone , you shouldn't disregard the others.

    Ultimately all the smaller providers use a network which belongs to one of the 'big four' - that is O2 , Vodafone , EE and Three.

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    Rest assured that all network providers listed on broadbandchoices are reputable and reliable. As mobile phone technology has improved, the size of SIM cards has got smaller and smaller. Depending on the age of your phone, it will use one of these SIM sizes:.